Our Directors

  • Jeremy S Goldstein
    Jeremy S Goldstein
    Executive Director
  • Kylen McClintock
    Kylen McClintock
    Co-Director, Division of Incubation, Acceleration, & Impact

Our Advisors

  • Hunter Lovins
    Hunter Lovins
    Millennium TIME Magazine Hero of the Planet
  • Ved P Nanda
    Ved P Nanda
    WJA World Legal Scholar & UN Human Rights Award Recepient
  • Kristi Disney Bruckner
    Kristi Disney Bruckner
    Executive Director of Sustainable Development Strategies Group
  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore
    Blockchain for Social Impact Advocate
  • Rob Steiner
    Rob Steiner
    Head of Distributed Ledger Technologies at DISH
  • Valeria Kholostenko
    Valeria Kholostenko
    Chief Experience Officer at BXD
  • Brandon Welch
    Brandon Welch
    Program Director of the Colorado Carbon Fund
  • Efraim “Ef” Wyeth
    Efraim “Ef” Wyeth
    Deputy Secretary of the UN Blockchain Commission
  • Michael Landau
    Michael Landau
    Chairman & CEO of CTI-Africa & MPWR Data
  • Jorge Alonso
    Jorge Alonso
    Expert in EU and International Law, and Diplomacy
  • Dan W Shields
    Dan W Shields
    Community Manager of Colorado Blockchain
  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander
    Director of Client Success at GoChain
  • Rebecca Spence
    Rebecca Spence
    Expert in Environmental Law & Policy
  • Alex Bowman
    Alex Bowman
    CEO of Lawchain
  • Annie Opel
    Annie Opel
    Co-Director, Division of Conservation & Biological Restoration

B4SD accepts applications from skilled volunteers and interns on a rolling basis.