B4SD Helps Businesses Align Impact with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Creates Membership Network of Industry Experts

B4SD is an advocacy, education and incubation network of professionals and thought leaders promoting United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment through the use of blockchain and emerging technologies.

DENVER, CO July 19, 2018 Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) is proud to announce the launch of its global network, educational resources and impact assessment services to advance the use of blockchain and emerging technologies for the purposes of UN SDG attainment. Based in Denver, Colo., B4SD is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation working with a network of organizations, professionals and academics pursuing attainment of the 17 UN SDGs and 169 correlated targets.

B4SD aims to, among other things, end poverty, reduce inequalities, protect human rights and conserve the environment by providing resources and creating a platform to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration between innovators and experts.

“The mandate set forth by the UN in September 2015 to ‘Transform our World’ has galvanized nations, businesses, and individuals around a common mission to achieve social and environmental impact. Emerging technologies, such as blockchain, can facilitate the attainment of SDGs and targets, and help to ensure that ‘no one will be left behind,” says Jeremy S Goldstein, Co-founder and Executive Director of B4SD. “The SDGs provide a standardized framework around which to plan impact-driven projects, and the trustless, transparent, and scalable characteristics of blockchain technology are a natural foundation for those projects.”

B4SD conducts independent research and public reporting on issues at the intersection of emerging technologies and sustainable development, including detailed case studies and impact assessments, to increase the foundational knowledge base. The corporation hosts monthly meetups, accommodates a database of specialized reporting, and incubates impactful projects with the assistance of experts from our network. It conducts capacity building activities with all stakeholders, and encourages collaboration and communication between the blockchain community and other impact driven organizations.

During its most recent project, B4SD and Michael Landau, CEO of CTI-Africa, presented highlights from its initial independent assessment report at the UN National Focal Point Meeting of the Least Developed Countries in New York on July 12. The presentation and report, available at www.B4SD.org/resources, analyzes an upstart blockchain project, MPWR (www.ctiafrica.com).

B4SD welcomes experts, professionals, academics, and those with a desire to join in the sustainable development revolution to visit www.B4SD.org for resources and information about membership and meetups.

Contact: Rebecca Spence Co-Director – Environmental Law + Policy

Cell: 281.844.8434

Email: rebecca@b4sd.org


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