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Join Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) to advance technology driven solutions to United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) attainment. To realize our vision, we are building a global network with a focus on advancing initiatives and projects aligned with the SDGs. We Conduct cross-disciplinary education and capacity building activities to strengthen the foundational knowledge platform at the intersection of blockchain and sustainable development. We catalyze Social Impact and Environmental Impact.

Membership Benefits

Fee: Free (suggested donation of $10/month or $100/year). The application for membership is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

• Access to the B4SD network of experts, professionals, thought leaders, businesses, and community stakeholders.

• Promotional opportunities on the B4SD website, at B4SD networking events, and at B4SD summits and conferences.

• Access to the most up to date resources available for impact driven businesses to align their goals with the SDGs.

• Opportunities to contribute to and access the B4SD Membership bulletin.

• First-look news updates on relevant issues at the intersection of blockchain and sustainable development.

• Opportunities to contribute to B4SD online educational materials, reports, and publications.

• Access to submit projects to our incubator or accelerator programs.

• Engagement with traditional and online media through the B4SD’s media network.

• Participation in our annual conference.

• Engagement with our thematic and working groups.

• Pursuit of joint and project specific fundraising opportunities through B4SD network and events.

• Opportunities to get involved with initiatives and projects of B4SD including our incubated and accelerated startups.

• Participation in local or national chapters of B4SD (or build your own).


B4SD Membership is open to of universities, experts, professionals, businesses, thought leaders, research centers, organizations, students, civil society groups, individual stakeholders, governmental institutions and agencies, and knowledge institutions with a strong track record or passion to advance the use of blockchain and frontier technologies for SDG attainment. B4SD is committed to providing members will all the resources necessary to understand and implement directed social and environmental impact initiatives.